“You are not good at drawing”

My mom told me that when I was twelve, while I was doing it. Do not think she was cruel. She was right, the closest thing to a person I am able to draw is  one circle and five sticks.

“I am not good at drawing”

This mantra has come along with me all my life, every time I am in front of a white paper it bursts into my mind like a thunder. That’s why I guess I chose photography, that’s why I guess I became a retoucher and that’s why I guess I am here presenting my pictures.

“I am not good at drawing”

But every time I try to imagine one drawing, which was never finished, I always imagine the same concept, one static figure looking at one point in the landscape.
It is an image that has been accompanying me for a longer time than I would like to admit.
And that's what this series is about, how, throughout my life, I've stayed there, standing still, admiring that point in the landscape that is a light in a dark world, waiting, without doing nothing, that this light illuminates the space.

I am not good at drawing but I hope you like my draws.

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